Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2013

Pajtim Kasami Amazing Goal - Crystal Palace 1:4 Fulham

Albanian midfielder Swiss passport, Kasami Accor has implemented a very nice goal in the match that his team won Fulham's trip to Crystal Palace.

VIDEO of incidents match Sileks - Shkup

Robbers Choose The Wrong Store

They threatened him at point. The robber was lucky he took it easy on them. I still cannot believe that cops could have charged the store owner with assault if the robber wanted to press charges. "yah officer, I want him charged for slapping my ass, even tho I threatened him with death at knife point for his money"... This country makes me sick that a criminal who's caught can have such rights.

Official Big Brother 7 th edition will start on ...

And when we thought that soon we would have a new edition of Big Brother a reliable source of Top Channel us kundertën.Pas news confirms that recently circulated on the network and not to press for the development of the 7th edition BBA seems to implementing staff wanted to surprizoje viewers to regain interest in this format very successful in Albania. The news was announced himself President of New Media Nader Hoxha, during an event where he declared the start of this reality in the first quarter of 2014. Even this year's presentation will be on the other side Arbana Osman Aga Rezart author, who will be the producer of the BBA, has pledged to innovation in the 7th edition and many surprises for which you are invited to follow us every day to discover together!

Lionel Messi dribbles Dani Alves without the ball in training

The Argentina international came on as a second-half substitute in the Blaugrana’s 0-0 draw with Osasuna on Saturday, after missing the previous two games with a hamstring problem. Messi looks set to start his first match since September 28 against Milan on Tuesday, and Martino is confident that the No.10 will pick up where he left off before his injury.